Friday, May 2, 2008

Done! and Fun!

Yay! Yesterday, we finished all our homeschool work!

Matthias actually had about a week of his Map workbook left, but when he heard that Bethany was done, he decided to finish it all! So he did 5 days worth of work in one day! It was long, but he persevered, and now he is done until September (though we will keep reading together). We all worked really hard this year, so we finished a whole month earlier than last year. Last year, Matthias was pushing to finish by his birthday. So now we get to celebrate the beautiful weather!

We went to the park, and Bethany had her own milestone -- for the first time, she managed to pump hard enough on the swing to keep herself at the same height for quite a while! Wow!

Carrie Ann had fun chasing a friendly dog around. It tried to ignore her, but then it went over by her stroller and lay down. She came up and squatted in front of it, and it obligingly licked her all over the face (which is what she wanted all the time, I think). When I got there, she was sticking out her tongue to give it some doggy kisses back!

Her favourite words recently are "bike" and "hat" -- which means, don't forget to wear your bike helmet when you ride your bike! She spends at least an hour a day evangelizing everyone in the vicinity about this principle! She also showed signs of trying to colour in a shape at colouring time today -- the circles had a lot more ink in them than the rest of the paper, and the other letters had parallel lines around them, rather than scribbles in any direction. Amazing! She's going to be an artist like Bethany. One day I'll have a scanner hooked up again, and share some artwork with you.


Anonymous said...

Boy, your kids must be quick workers! We have 2 more months to go yet. I guess there are some advantages to homeschooling! I enjoyed the pictures of your kids, especially the one visiting Silas.

Rebecca said...

We did work hard this year. Mostly we skipped school closure, PD days, and long weekends, as well as one week of Spring Break (the second week we took when we went to Calgary). It is amazing how much difference it makes!