Saturday, December 5, 2009


The other night, I was tucking Carrie Ann in when Matthias suddenly howled in frustration (the shower water went suddenly cold). So I told her, "Stay here and wait for a minute while I check on Matthias, and then I will come back and give you hair some more." I was hoping, though I know that usually she follows me within one minute when that happens. Well (after the shower water problem was solved), I returned to find her waiting patiently in bed for me! I said, "Thanks, Carrie Ann! I really appreciate that you waited in bed for me." Thinking to myself, I've been using the word "appreciate" around her for a couple weeks yet, and who said two year olds can't use four syllable words? When she answered, "I 'preciated that you comed back, Mommy." I love it when my kids appreciate me.
PS don't try to make complete sentences of everything I just wrote; I didn't.
PPS I just got back from a performance of Pride and Prejudice, in which a good friend of mine played Elizabeth Bennet. She did a smashing job! If you know her, be sure to congratulate her!