Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, it hasn't been too busy here the last two months, at least not for the camera!

In January we went skating, went to Torch day (Carrie Ann calls it "Canada", since we sang "O Canada" there), saw a baby calf, and I went to a fabulous concert by the Toronto Consort. I don't have pictures of all that, of course, but there are some pictures of the beautiful sweater MaryAnna made for Carrie Ann!

In February:
We did a reading Olympics for school -- 2000 minutes in one month, per kid, and we just finished on the last day!
We went to a concert by the Canadian University College Chamber Orchestra. It was incredible -- the music swept me away a couple times, and that hasn't happened in a very long time. We had a couple of flautists over for the night afterwards. It was fun! They were from Thailand and Seoul, so we could have spent lots more time talking if it hadn't been so late!
Carrie Ann stopped sucking her thumb (with a little help). It took two weeks before she stopped saying "I really need my thumb" at bedtime.
We watched a little bit of the Olympics (mainly figure skating).
But I don't have pictures of that.
I have pictures of the smile finder on our new camera, a new family picture, and the first shoots and flowers of spring.
If anyone wants their own copy of our family picture, just let me know what size, what format (electronic or paper) and which one (this is number one, number two has Carrie's eyes open but everyone else looks bored).

Click here to see the rest of the pictures in my gallery.

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Bonnie Heather said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Rebecca. It's a little nerve racking to paint ones mother-in-law in case it offends someone.
I love the family picture and dragged it to my desktop.
It's a great picture and you all look so happy.